Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad Winter Steam Spectacular

Last Saturday, the Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad hosted a “Winter Steam Spectacular” — a day of events aimed solely at railfan photographers as opposed to their general tourist excursion trains. They brought out three operating steam locomotives with three trains and did several runbys in a few locations. Here’s three photos which illustrate the beauty of steam on a crisp winter day.

Number 91 at Divide with a log train

Number 10 crossing the Nisqually River

Three steam locomotives working uphill towards us

12 thoughts on “Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad Winter Steam Spectacular”

  1. Astounding. Mind if I post that picture with the 3 steam locomotives sitting side by side on my site? Of course, I’d only do it giving you credit for it and with your permission to do so.

  2. I like it alot ! ! ! Is the one on the left a “saddle tank” (no seperate tender) Looks realy short. Is either of the others a “schay” (gear drive) .. Realy neet, I been looking for a pic, of aearly 1900s freight loco. small drive wheels “2-8-2 for a story.
    Thanks Darrell Montgomery “MONTY”

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