A Few From the Powder River Basin

Here’s a few selections from my first day railfanning the Powder River Basin on September 19th.

This first photo is actually the first one I took all day. I arrived at the tracks in time to miss an empty heading towards the mines, but in the distance I saw the headlights of this train and was able to take a decent photo off of the bridge over the tracks at Flat Top Road (this train is approaching Shawnee Jct):

UP 7207 east at Flat Top Road

I was disappointed in that the BNSF didn’t seem to be using those nice clean SD70ACe units to lead trains, but fortunately there were some clean ES44AC units and other clean GE power to keep me relatively happy. This train is waiting to enter the mainline after being loaded at South Black Thunder Mine:

BNSF 5859 waiting to enter the mainline

The third photo I’m offering today is of the same train, a few hours later once he’s started the eastward journey. Here, the train is climbing Logan Hill, approaching Converse Junction in the late afternoon light:

BNSF 5859 approaching Converse Jct

That’s it for tonight. More Powder River photos will be posted early this coming week, with Crawford Hill to follow once I get them processed…

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