Blue Flagged

My house was blue flagged last night while my wife hosted a clothing show so I grabbed the camera and tripod and headed for the depot.  In the back of my mind I hoped the rain would stop long enough for me to set the camera up and capture some night photos, but didn’t expect it to happen.  When I arrived it was still raining so I captured the V-CHCPTL coming through Vancouver Center (not shown) using my window mount while sitting warm and dry inside my vehicle.  Soon after the rain let up and allowed me to get out.

After unloading a substantial number of passengers, the conductor on Amtrak 509 verifies the slow order at MP 8.9 with the engineer before radioing the highball from the Vancouver depot.  Exposure: 3.2 sec @ f/5.0 62mm

Highball 509!

As left the depot I found the inspiration for this post.  The carmen have blue flagged a cut of empty grain cars in the grain yard while they charge the air system and perform their inspection.  Exposure: 20 sec @ f/5.6 70mm

Blue Flagged

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