A Pengra Party

Last weekend I was up on Pengra Pass on the ex-SP Cascade Crossing in Southern Oregon. We worked east from Oakridge and ended up as far south as Grass Lake, California. I’d heard rumors they run trains on the line but you sure wouldn’t think much of it based on what we saw. Only one southbound in daylight on Saturday, and only one train at all in daylight on Sunday. Despite the shitty train volume, I managed to get a few decent foamy photos:

Sunrise and Racks
Sunrise at Oakridge with a passing auto rack train

Amtrak 14 near Chiloquin
Amtrak 14 near Chiloquin

Southbound at Chiloquin
Clean GEVOs and decent lighting at Chiloquin

Southbound at McDoel
Further south at McDoel

Train and a Tower at Grass Lake
Passing the old water tower at Grass Lake

Light Trails from Amtrak 11
Light trails remain after the departure of Amtrak 11 from Chemult

Amtrak 14 in a Snowstorm at Mowich
Amtrak 14 in a snowstorm at Mowich

Amtrak 14 at Westfir
Crossing a bridge at Westfir

I have some other photos that I intend to post as standalones, with more commentary or observations over the next few weeks. In addition, some non-train photos from the trip will end up on my Flickr stream in the next day or so.

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One thought on “A Pengra Party”

  1. excellent work guys! It was nice to see you all at Roberts Ranch Road Railroad Crossing in the morning hours. My boss boarded our train at Oakridge to give me my second yearly hawg head check ride, looks like I’m qualified to operatet the loco for another year!!! 🙂 I’m sure you guys heard the informative conversation with 68 about pulling down to pick up “the rider” at Oakridge. Keep the Ouzo ready and I’ll seeyou guys soon!


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