Waiting For The Steam Train

I mentioned in my post about the southbound steam double header that there were quite a few local residents waiting patiently for the “steam train” south of Woodland. I choose to get one of my last photos of the train at speed on the sweeping curve that leads onto the Lewis River bridge where a group had gathered.

The Centralia South dispatcher held the 4449 north of the crossovers at Woodland until Amtrak 506 could get out of the way. The Lewis River bridge area is notorious for trespassers so I’m sure the engineer on 506 was nervous about blowing across the bridge at full speed knowing the ‘foamers’ would be hanging around the north end. His concerns were justified one individual continually stood between the rails as if he was taunting the engineer to come and get him. Fortunately he had the sense to move before this series of photos was snapped.

Waiting For The Steam Train

Waiting For The Steam Train

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One thought on “Waiting For The Steam Train”

  1. It is unfortunate that steam excursions seem to bring out those with questionable intelligence. Years back, I recall sitting along the UP a little east of the UP844 and UP3985 as they were servicing in Evanston, WY. There were numerous folks standing on both mains, oblivious to the fact it was a real railroad around them. The steam crew called into the dispatcher and had em hold up WB traffic for a bit until they departed due to this nonsense. When I hear things like that, it sends chills down my back thinking that it could be the last straw for mainline steam.

    Fast forward to 2007 and the UP844 returning back to Cheyenne across Idaho, and somewhat similar events. While camped near the tracks at Orchard, ID, a family drives up and several kids pour out, and immediately head up to the tracks to dance around. Sure, visibility is good, and nothing should sneak up on you there, but they surely were not paying attention, nor monitored closely. A westbound pulled up and into the siding several minutes before another EB and then the UP844, but if it had been making a rolling meet with the other EB or the UP844…I’m not so sure those folks would have been paying attention to what was behind them.

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