It Felt Good To Be Out Of The Rain…

….at least for a few days.  As I mentioned in previous posts it can rain in the desert just like it does in the Northwest.  On the fourth day of our journey we awoke in Kingman, AZ to a steady drizzle.  Certainly not enough to get really wet but enough to know it was raining.

We first drove east to Walapai, Hackberry, Valentine, and the west end of Crozier Canyon.  Just west of Hackberry we found a nice spot that really shows off the grade that takes the railroad over the northern shoulder of the Peacock Mountains.  Normally the hills in the background would be quite visible but not today.

Hackberry Hill

As the day wore on the rain increased.  After a few wet hours in Kingman Canyon we made our way west to get ahead of a slew of westbounds and hopefully get out of the rain.  No luck on getting out of the rain.  We landed at Saltus to catch the Cadiz local which, as typical, had some interesting power.  First though an eastbound had to blow through the wet desert.  Mmm the smell of creosote bush in the rain is wonderful!


Rain In The Desert

The Cadiz followed the stacker up to Saltus where it stopped to line into the back track.  Out hopped the conductor and brakeman fully dressed in rain gear looking like switchmen in the yard here in Vancouver.  How many times do you see that in the Mojave?


Pickup In The Rain I


Pickup In The Rain II

Ok, enough of the rain.  The purpose of the trip was to be out of the rain not in it.  On to the Salton Sea!

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  1. Great views of the Needles Sub that you don't normally see on the web. I guess locals like me stay indoors on weather like that. Looks like you got some great shots and saw plenty of traffic despite the weather. Keep 'em coming Steve!

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