More on the Judith River Bridge

While my recent visit to Central Montana was more family oriented I still had a goal to get over to the Central Montana Railroad’s Judith River trestle.  There’s just something about seeing bent steel that just couldn’t keep me away!  Fortunately my brother and sister-in-law wanted to see some sights so I dragged them out to Ware to have a look at the damage.

At the north end of the bridge you can easily see where the Judith River left its banks and did the damage.  When I rode the dinner train the Judith was confined to the east end of the trestle.  However with the high water the oxbow just upstream of the bridge was ‘straight lined’ and that meant trouble for the footing.

I haven’t heard any news yet on when or if the bridge will be repaired.  Based on the Lobato Trestle experience this repair will likely be in the millions of dollars to repair.  I’m sure there are lots of considerations political and financial involved so we’ll likely have to wait a bit for a final decision.

In the meantime it will be interesting to see what happens with the various pieces of equipment the CMR has.  When I passed through Denton I saw a good sized string of GATX bottom dump hoppers.  I suppose that CMR was storing those.  The bridge is between them and the BNSF interchange so it will be interesting to see when and how they get out of town.  The Charlie Russell Chew Choo cars are all sitting at Kingston Jct. south of the trestle and all dinner trains are cancelled through July.  I don’t believe CMR has a locomotive down there so they too appear to be isolated. I didn’t see anything on the tracks from Arrow Creek (station) through Square Butte to Geraldine.

In the mean time if you want to visit keep in mind that CMR is fairly serious about trespassers on the bridge.  Sure this is pretty much in the middle of nowhere but if you are on the bridge it is pretty obvious you are on the bridge.

Good luck CMR.

7/31/2011 Update – It appears the Charlie Russell Choo Chew is making long term plans to operate from a different location.  According to a news article they are planning to move the cars to Ware and operate out of there on what appears to be a permanent basis.


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