Steam Every Weekend

My wife said to me yesterday, “Do you realize you and Haley have seen a steam engine every weekend in December so far?”.  I had to stop and think.  Sure enough… 12/2 SP&S 700, 12/9 SP 4449, 12/15 SP&S 700, 12/16 SP 4449.   I could also visit Mt. Rainier Scenic and see one of theirs on 12/22 if I didn’t have plans.   We are darn lucky here in the Northwest to have such wonderful groups working on historic preservation!

Heading Home

After bringing Santa Claus to a community celebration at BNSF’s Vancouver, Wa. Yard, the Spokane, Portland & Seattle 700 returns back to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center in Portland, Or.   This has become somewhat of an annual event sponsored by BNSF and the PRPA. Families from all over Vancouver get to see Santa and in addition are given cab tours of the 700 and a BNSF diesel locomotive.

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