Happy New Year!

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 BNSF’s Shelby-Laurel manifest train blows through downtown Stanford, Mt. on a cold December morning.  The snow which fell on Christmas eve lingers around town thanks to temperatures which hover near zero.

Happy New Year!  Yep, it is now 2013 in the Pacific Time Zone.

How was your 2012?  Mine was pretty good.  In January last year I published my thoughts about where I would go in 2012.  From the looks of it I accomplished 5 of my 7 railfan photography goals for the year.  Here’s my summary:

– Watch for snow in the Columbia River Gorge.  Last year was a bust hopefully this year will be positive. (Met)
– MLK holiday railfanning somewhere in the area. (Met)
– Montana at spring break.  I’m looking forward to another visit to Central Montana, this time while the snow is still around. (Met)
– GorgeRail in May.  I’ve signed up to be a presenter, so make sure you can find your way there. (Not met, however I did present at Autumn Leaf in October)
– Hot Rails/Gaynor Campout in July or August.  I’ve passed on a couple of trips to Stevens Pass lately so this will get me back up there again. (Not Met thanks to family obiligations)
– Autumn Leaf in October.  I think I enjoy fall best in the Northwest so this should be a good time as always. (Met)
– I have a few weeks of vacation to use this year so I’m sure there will be more. (Met)

Moving on to 2013 I can see some similar items on the horizon.

– Repair my 70-200mm lens in January.
– Tracks in the Snow in February.
– GorgeRail in May.
– Hot Rail/Gaynor Campout in the summer.  This year I have a chance to make it since we don’t have a huge family event planned
– Autumn Leaf in October.
– September may contain a visit to Canada.  Plans for this were just discussed today so this is very tentative.

On top of the usual I need to assign myself a photography project.  I have some thoughts but I need to think through the ideas and get plans put together.

What plans do you have for 2012?

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