The Crossing Restaurant to be Demolished

In Vancouver, right next to the railroad location of 8th Street, at the interesection of 8th and Jefferson, is a landmark. It’s a restaurant, formerly known as The Crossing, Ballew’s at The Crossing, and most recently Seventh Street Station. The restaurant is comprised of several old passenger cars and a caboose, with a semaphore on the roof and an SP&S boxcar out front for scenery.

For the past couple weeks, workers have been hauling things out of the inside. Today I found out that next week, the railroad cars will be lifted with cranes and taken away. The building is to be demolished shortly.

I don’t know the future plans. It’s probably part of some grand “redevelopment” scheme. Railfans will miss the restaurant and its convenient parking lot, which has been the home to many photos taken over the past several decades.

6 thoughts on “The Crossing Restaurant to be Demolished”

  1. I came across a book of matches. I remember the restuarant and had the best memories there. I am so sad to see it gone. I have been out of Oregon for 20 years and I am so sad.

  2. one of those train car has serious history. It was the Presidential car built in 1912, its one of three that are left. What happened to them? Were they sold or moved somewhere? Does onyone know where they are?

  3. One of the cars sat in an industrial spur near Rye (off of St. Johns Blvd between Minnehaha and 78th St.). It’s been gone several years now. I don’t know the disposition of the remainder.

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