Middle of the Train – Last Round

Here’s the last round of  my middle of the train series.   These are some miscellaneous favorite “middle” photos that depict the great fun cars can be for a photographer.

A long stack train winds along the Columbia River east of Washougal, Washington.

Grain cars on the Columbia Drawbridge at Vancouver, Washington.

An empty grain train is stopped on the eastward main at the Downs, Washington elevator while preparing to make a set out.

A westbound Z train passes over the Wentatchee River under the threatening skies of an afternoon thunderstorm.

3 thoughts on “Middle of the Train – Last Round”

  1. Dear Sir Steve Eshom
    How do you do.
    This is a very wonderful photograph.
    These are very beautiful.
    I am looking forward to your photograph.
    Have a great day!Thank you!!!!

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