VP661 Swain – Endangered

It’s close to gone.  See it while you can.  The endangered cantilever protecting the north (cough…east) switch at Swain will soon be gone.  Look closely underneath the cantilever and behind the Superliner and you can see the replacement waiting for its chance to go to work.  Once this happens the face of downtown Junction City will be forever changed.

3 thoughts on “VP661 Swain – Endangered”

  1. Nice image! Obviously, this is Amtrak Coast Starlight #11. Yes, it will be a sad passing when the old cantilever signals are taken down and become forgotten relics of the past. Yes, the character of the Brooklyn Sub will be forever changed, but I think “the face of downtown Junction City” might be a touch overstated. I think most people consider the face of downtown Junction City to be focused around Oregon Highway 99, and look at the railroad corridor as a backwater of industrial areas and low-income housing.

  2. Really nice shot Steve. Sad to see the old signals come down – I'm hoping the pair up at Vader last a while longer.

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