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The past few weeks I’ve been busy with work and with helping Robert with the Autumn Leaf Slideshow.  The more fun part of this time period was of course the slideshow.

This year’s Autumn Leaf was one of the best ever in terms of the content, venue, and technical set up.

Content wise we had some fabulous shows from Ted Smith-Peterson, Steve Carter,  Ken Storey, Dave Honan, and many, many others.  I debuted my program, Magic! also.  All the programs contained some fabulous photography and in some cases one of a kind images which could not be made by anyone other than the person who took them.   Dave’s program and Mike Sawyer’s program also used some creative photos and presentation techniques to make their presentations interesting.  Good stuff all the way around.

The venue this year was the Fox Theater in Centralia.  The theater is undergoing renovation right now and is a bit rough around the edges but the bones are there and formed a great basis for the slide show.  It should be a wonderful venue moving forward.  Next year Robert has some ideas about how to bring some of the photography into the lobby to facilitate more discussions and to have more of people’s work on display.  Look for improvements for next year!

Technically this was one of the best set ups we’ve had at a railfan slideshow ever.  Dale Skyllingstad brought professional audio gear and a brilliant projector.  The sound quality was impeccable!  Additionally the set up was easy to complete and literally worked on the first try.  Talk about a stress free presentation!  The icing on all of this was Paul Peterson’s projector calibrator.   If you’ve calibrated your monitor (you have haven’t you?) you know just how much of a difference calibration can make.  The 6 or 7 minutes spent letting the calibrator do its job was literally the best investment of time that we made.  We did not receive one comment on the color or black level from any presenter or viewer and for me that is the best compliment.   If we do the technical set up the same next year I’ll be happy.

The one area of presentation flaw (and I emphasize very minor here) is in the shows themselves.  If you are planning to present next year expect that your show will be held more closely to the presenters guide than ever before.  While there were no major issues with shows this year we do want to notch it up a bit more for next year so expect to see a revised presenters guide, an absolute deadline for show submission prior to the event and comments from me on adherence to the guide.

As is normal there is some photography to be had on the slideshow weekend.  For me that was Sunday.  I was up fairly early and took advantage of the morning fog to take a few photos before I had to head home for the day.

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  1. We do have some changes planned for 2012 which will modify the presenter guide so if you plan to present next year make sure you get a copy in the July time frame.  In the mean time you can prepare your show and tweak the setting later.  Be forewarned that you may want to start with images which are at least 1080 pixels on the short edge (i.e. 1080 HD).

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