Empty Rawhide

As I sit writing this post we are getting our first good winter storm of the season.  Typical Northwest stuff with gusty winds and plenty of rain.  The remaining leaves that are hanging on will likely be blown away by this.  Oh, and my favorite part, weakened trees will now be selected by mother nature to meet their end.  All of this is part of the circle of life in the Northwest.

On a warmer, drier, sunnier day in the fall of 2009 I captured an empty coal train in gorge east of Bingen.  I took this photo on Day in North America 2009 and thinking about where we are today I’m amazed how coal traffic has changed.  Sure coal trains still go to Centralia but in just a few short years they won’t.  More trains now head north to Roberts Bank than ever before.  It seems like the stream of coal is stronger than ever with even more coming down the road tomorrow.  Good, bad, or ugly it means more trains.

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