New Computer Time

I love getting a new computer. They are always so speedy and they have that new computer smell!

This week my new MacBook Pro arrived replacing a faithful Dell Dimension 9100 which has served me (mostly) well since October of 2005. Yes, you read that right, October of 2005. It was definitely showing the fact it was built for 2005 technology. The 2GB of RAM, Windows XP, and the slow hard drive were definitely reducing my productivity. Exports from Lightroom would take 30 seconds to 2 minutes (compared to 15 seconds or less on the MBP). It just would not play 720p (let alone 1080p) video without jerking and if I opened Chrome and Lightroom at the same time both saw a performance degradation. Technology had definitely passed it by. Such is the way things go with technology.

BNSF’s “Lost Local” (L MON8521 27I) stops at Stanford for a brief bit of work before heading to Moore to pick up a grain train.

I do believe I got my money’s worth out of it. I did have to replace a failed hard drive around 2007 but other than that I just did regular maintenance with CCleaner, chkdsk, and defragmenter. I probably should have done it a favor and installed more memory a couple of years after I bought it but by the time I realized that it was no longer cost effective to upgrade. Keeping that advice in mind I will probably double the MBP’s memory in a few years when the price for 16GB comes down a bit.

Why a Mac? Well, I want something a bit simpler to use than a Windows machine. From what I can see so far, simpler is what I got. Frankly things just work in OS X. The best example is plugging in my monitor. I plugged it into the MBP and literally all I had to do was start using it. No futzing with screen dimensions or bothering with which is the primary monitor. It just worked. Mac’s also have a bit of a cool factor that I can’t deny wanting to be part of. Most all Apple products have an elegance of design which is far superior to anything in the marketplace. I like that. I appreciate when someone does something right…really right. I also believe most Mac oriented software is thought out a bit more to improve simplicity and the user experience. I’m all about spending less time on things so I can focus on what I want to focus on.

What about software? Everything I used on Windows XP/Vista/7 is available for the Mac in one form or another. ProShow Gold could be the only exception to that statement. However Macs being Macs they will run Windows in a virtual machine (using something like VMWare Fusion) so the problem of ProShow can be solved easily. Everything else is no issue.

Today is my second day using my new machine.  So far all the only struggle I’ve had is remembering Command-C/V for copy and paste instead of Control-C/V.  I’m sure I’ll get over that soon though.  I guess that makes me a Mac.

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  1. Things like adding a monitor just work in Windows 7 too.  Like you said, 2005 technology, with an OS originally released in 2001!  I’m not sure what being cool has to do with using a computer, which is just a tool, but whatever.

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