Train In My Front Yard

Many people ask me why I don’t live closer to the railroad track.  I love trains after all so why wouldn’t I like to live closer?

Oh boy, that can be a touchy topic.  I’d love to live where I could see trains but there are some things about that capability that makes owning a home in one of those locations more challenging.  For me personally my home and family are my priority so I tend to focus on what works best for all of us.  I know my family would not enjoy the noise, smells, and inconvenience of  living by the tracks.  Additionally I purchased a home for us to live in and a bit as an investment.  I would be concerned about living next to the tracks and how that would impact my home’s value.  Those are the main reasons why I’m 3 miles from the closest track.

When I drove along the Evergreen Highway on Sunday I had to laugh at the latest construction project.  As the photo depicts the home has a 4 car garage with a room above (got model railroad?).  The home itself is probably twice the size of the garage building.  The view the home will have is interesting as they can see out to the Columbia and the Glenn Jackson bridge.  Beautiful.  I’d move there if I could afford it.  Maybe.

Look what is in their front yard though.   Yep, the Fallbridge sub and its 20-30 trains a day including coal trains, grain trains, and manifests.  All the heavy stuff rolls right by here.  I’m quite certain that the house will pound when a flat wheel on a loaded 186K lbs. car goes by but fortunately for them most trains move quickly by this location thanks to the number of grade crossings in the area.  That means the middle of the night wake ups shouldn’t last more than a minute and the ground pounders will only rattle the china momentarily.  I guess I’ll find out if the noise is too much for the new owners when a sound wall goes up.

I do wish the new owners the best of luck with their beautiful new home.  Enjoy.

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