Saturday in The Gorge

On the 14th I spent an impromptu day in the Columbia River Gorge watching trains and hanging out with some friends.  I decided to make a full day of it so I was up at 4 and on the road at 5.  My goal was to be at tunnel 2 east of Cooks when the sun came up and my timing was impeccable as I was able to sit on the shore of the mighty Columbia and watch the sun pop over the mountains to the east.   It was a beautiful morning…as long as you could stay out of the wind.  I fought hard to keep everything on the ground while perched up on the rock just east of the tunnel.  Brutal.

I captured three trains there but I’m not quite ready to share those images just yet.

I followed the last eastbound to Bingen where it met a manifest.  A 10mph slow order and the slow down for the meet allowed me to get ahead to capture the image above of the train winding around the rocks and across the Locke Lake fill.  These guys were in a hurry to get to Lyle to meet the Builder so I let them go about their business and found a place to photograph 27.

More about the day in my next post…


6 thoughts on “Saturday in The Gorge”

  1. The scenario you posted sounds familiar.  Getting up early and chasing trains around Nebraska is my business but I can appreciate the difficulty you have there on the Columbia.  I was up there last May. Tough terrain to get a great shot. Mine were not this good!

  2. The Gorge is challengin for early morning and late evening photos.  The sun down changes depending on if the sun goes down over the mountains or on the river.  In this location the sun is actually on the north side of the track at sunrise for most of the spring through fall.  It is a bit disconcerting until you get used to it.

    I end up using The Photographers Ephemeris quite often to plan things out since conditions change monthly out there.

  3.  The weather there was so variable just on 2 drive through days.  I got one of my best shots looking across the river where the modern windmills seemed to surround an old silo.  Just looked at the Photographers Ephemeris online.  Very cool tool.  I shoot photographs for reference for train paintings I make but the light and especially those atmospheric days are what I’m often after.  I’ll look more at this tool.  Thanks!

  4. I agree the area around the windmills is pretty cool.  One of my favorite photos from there I took on a foggy morning.

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