2120 or so…

I make lots of photographs at the Vancouver Amtrak station.  I blame it on the fact I visit on a fairly regular basis.  In the spirit of always looking for something different while I’m on my visits there I give you 2120…

Visiting the same place over and over again sure can put you in a rut when it comes for looking for new and unique viewpoints.  The result is I don’t take photographs every time I visit.  Instead I look for excellent light and interesting subjects and save my memory card for those events.

This image was made on a day when the platform was filled with visiting railfans taking photos.  I chose to keep my camera by my side and let the others have the prime positions and get the shots they were looking for.  In this case everyone had finished shooting the arriving train 513 and had cleared away.  I saw this took my photo while everyone else admired the stopped train.

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