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Saturday Robert and Joel hopped in with me for the day and we joined up Dale and his brother Reed.  These guys are great to hang out with since we all enjoy the best of planes and trains.  ATCS and FlightAware are the main apps on all of our phones! Our destination for the day was the Trinidad hill area.  Unfortunately traffic on Saturday didn’t start off as strong as it did on Friday so we sat at Winton for a while to wait for an eastbound to meet Amtrak 7 at Scenic.

First Train of the Day

Amtrak’s Empire Builder crosses the east switch at Merritt, Wa.
BNSF spent quite a bit of time removing all the snow from around their their facilities in town.

While at the school house crossing we had an interesting discussion with the landowner there.  I’ll save all of you the gory details and just say that he is less than friendly towards folks parking in his driveway (we confirmed on the Chelan County GIS site the road is HIS driveway not a public road despite the fact BNSF marks it as a public crossing). We hoped to chat with the sheriff he threatened to call but that didn’t happen.   It was a good lesson in remembering to treat others as you would want to be treated.


S SEACHC1 31 storms through Winton, Wa.  The bright sun made a cool morning feel nice and warm!

We caught an eastbound train at the Longfibre crossing in Winton then made way for the other side of Wenatchee.  From about Leavenworth almost to Quincy the fog had things socked in pretty good.  No sunny photos to be had in this area.  We stopped along highway 28 at West Quincy and waited.  In fact we waited a couple of hours for anything to happen.  In the mean time we enjoyed speculating why a Delta 757 diverted from Sea-Tac to land at Moses Lake.  After some phone calls we found out they had a generator fail which prevented them from landing at Sea-Tac under ILS.  They needed VFR where they didn’t have to rely on the generator to make power.

Finally the SPOEVE and the SEACHC showed up setting off a 4 train wave that lasted us until dark.  The Z SSECHC6, which was the third of this group, did a pick up of fruit at Quincy before heading for Spokane.  Our last train of the day ended up being a westbound S LPCTAC.  Unfortunately nothing else moved on the hill until Amtrak 8 passed through.  Now that I count we only caught 5 different trains throughout the day.  I guess that is more typical for Stevens.


The pole line is still in place east of Quincy, Wa..  With PTC on the horizon who knows how much longer it will be here to frame photographs.

Up next, the last day…

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