Headed Home

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Morning Hotshot.  A westbound Z train heads for South Seattle and the crew for a Super Bowl Sunday off.

Sunday’s line up of trains looked spectacular Saturday night.  Like typical the “Super Bowl flu” struck and nothing on the line up seemed to be moving.  When I awoke ATCS showed nothing.  Not a single line up or occupancy anywhere west of the tunnel.  I hung around the hotel lobby area with Joel for a bit until a westbound appeared.  We joined up with Robert and headed to the Skykomish River bridge at Money Creek.

I have to admit I’ve photographed this place many times so despite how interesting it is I’m not always excited about returning.  My last visit to Stevens in 2011 I captured my all time favorite image of this location which makes me even less interested in it.  No matter, I like trains, so there has to be something to photograph there.

When I arrived I decided to do a pan.  The sun had not risen yet it was light enough to get a decent exposure.  A nice little cloud hung over the valley giving me a nice lid for the scene.

I think the pan turned out alright.  The train was moving much slower than I thought it would be so my shutter speed choice was faster than it should have been for a pan.  Still the result was ok and I’m happy with it.

That’s it for my 2013 Tracks in the Snow adventure.  It was another wonderful weekend of hanging out with friends and enjoying trains.

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  1. It gave me chills too! The weather had turned quite wet and the hard rain overnight brought the river up quite a bit. In the back of my mind I half expected the train to come across a slide or washout somewhere.

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