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Steve EshomSteve Eshom is a Northwest based railfan passionate about trains and the beautiful scenery they travel through. In early 2012 Steve took over the day to day operations of dogcaught.com and continues the vision of using this blog as a way to share the photos an experiences of a railfan. Steve is currently on hiatus from railroad photography but continues maintaining dogcaught.com

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Aaron Hockley has been actively railfanning and taking photos for about nine years and started Dogcaught.com as a way of sharing his railfanning experiences and thoughts on photography.

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adronAdron Hall has been riding the flanged wheels since before full memories where developed. Today he intertwines his political views, occupation, and love of trains by riding as often as possible on his many consulting trips to wherever they take him. A camera purchase will bring out more visual details of his expeditions in the near future.

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  1. I have been following this blog for a quite a while now, your pictures are excellent and the trips are interesting, but I am frustrated by the size of pictures you make available to your loyal fans. Take for instance the Bollo Hill shot, Steve describes it in detail but I can't see that detail on a 1920 x 1200 display with the size of picture and jpg compression level you are using. Please consider making larger pictures available, on Flickr or whatever, I would really like to use some of your pictures as desktop wallpaper, but it's hopeless at the moment. – I'm not going to sell your shots, or print them out and make millions off them – honest !


    Cardiff UK

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