An Early Morning Shot, South & Then North

I took the following shots recently while walking parallel to the tracks into downtown Portland.  I had tried making the trek a few times earlier in the week and various things got in my way; from running errands to the alarm clock not going off.  After finally hitting the ground early enough I managed these shots.  One is the Amtrak Cascades approaching form the south, and the other is the same train moving north toward downtown Portland.

Amtrak Cascades in Push Operation
Amtrak Cascades CAB leading in Push Operation

Amtrak Cascades #500 in Push Operation
Amtrak Cascades #500 in Push Operation

Portland & Western Rolling Through Portland Union Station

Recently I went about town for some photo taking opportunities and managed to grab a few decent shots of a Portland & Western freight rolling on through Union Station downtown. It’s been gorgeous the last few days and I just figured that at least a few trains ought to be photographed.

Portland & Western Peeking Around the Corner
Portland & Western Power

Newark, NJ and the Chaotic NEC

Wow, so far, in two days, I’ve seen 3 Acelas, 8 New Jersey Transit LRTs, 6 Air Trains, 13 New Jersey Commuter Trains, 6 PATH Trains, 4 Metro Subway Trains, and 4 Regional Amtrak Trains.  All that and only 2 Freight trains!

Yes, you might have guessed I’m over here in the North East Corridor riding around aimlessly.  I’ve also remembered, unlike the last several trips, to actually bring the camera!  So far I have a few pictures that have come out fairly decent.  So below you’ll find those, until again, happy train hunting.

Oh yeah, and if anybody thought that trains ran on time over here, they don’t.  Almost every train I’ve been on has been 5-15 minutes late.  Not bad by the standards of the rest of the country, but by no means upholding the mythic timeliness that I’ve heard of.

Newark Penn Station

Incoming Regional Train

The Yum Yum Car

One of those New Fangled’ Light Rail Vehicles

Proud Owner

Well, it was finally time. In the middle of downtown San Francisco I decided Joleen and I were going to get our Digital SLR Finally. Already we’ve blazed through about 600 pictures figuring out various things about the camera. San Francisco being an awesome place to do just that.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be pulling some of our “ok” newbie pictures out of the lot and posting them online. Of course at this stage of learning about the camera I like about everything that comes out of the thing. I also will definitely have some street running light rail shots of the MUNI LRVs coming up. Unfortunately I haven’t shot much heavy rail yet, lacking the opportunity.

Within the first day of shooting I already have had warnings and interrogations about what I’m taking pictures of. America’s paranoia is definitely two things; lame and absurd. My friend Mike and I had a conversation with a member of San Francisco’s SWAT Team that patrols the corridors of the BART System. Mainly after being reprimanded for taking a picture or three of the platform. Maybe I’ll post those just to be hard headed.

Anyway, beyond the interesting experiences, fun learning lessons, and the rip roaring fun of San Francisco I must finish this entry for now and am looking forward to many great pictures and future postings of said pictures in this space!

So cheers, I’m stoked to finally have joined the Digital SLR crowd!