Hot Sunday in Vancouver

The Northwest has experienced its own heat wave over the last three days with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees on two occasions.  Today on my weekly trip around the Vancouver terminal my motivation to get out of the truck and photograph was low due to the fact its was over 80 degrees with >50% humidity at 9am.  I even had a chance to photograph a couple of locations I’ve never shot before, but for some reason standing out in the sun holding the camera didn’t intrigue me.  I’m sure all of you who live in places where it is regularly this warm and humid are getting a hearty laugh.  Ok, enjoy yourselves.

In place of something from Sunday I offer a photo from the weekend before GorgeRail 2006.  After changing crews at Eigth St., a northbound traverses the middle lead past the Vancouver Yard office.


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June in Tucson

In June I made a family vacation trip to Tucson, AZ on UP’s Sunset line.  This was my first visit so my railfanning day was primarily a scouting trip just to see the area.  I’d done some research so I had a rough idea where some of the better photography locations were.

I headed east of Tucson where the Lordsburg sub crosses two saddles.  One of those saddles is between Tucson and Benson and the other between Benson and Manzoro.  The grades are not steep over these, but they certainly add some twists to the flat, straight desert running found west of Tucson.  I found the most photogenic part is the #2 track east of Vail, through Cienegea Creek to the summit at Mescal.  There are literally several dozen of photographable places, some requiring more effort than others.

At Empirita an eastbound stack train climbs up the #2 track to the Mescal summit.


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Adobe Lightroom In My Room

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You probably saw the announcements this morning about Adobe’s Lightroom Beta 3 for Windows.  So, what is Lightroom?  Lightroom is a workflow and editing package which is one part Photoshop, one part photo organizer, and one part import tool.  Adobe calls it a ‘project’ at this point because as they describe, the software is being “built from the ground up by photographers, for photographers”.  According to Adobe the goal is to provide a flexible streamlined work flow adaptable for any photographer or photographic style.

As a Windows user, this is my first opportunity to get my hands on this and see what it can do for me.  I’m excited about this because from what I’ve heard from my Mac friend this software is spectacular and really improves the import functions.  My current photo editing tool is Photoshop Elements 3.0.  This software is certainly adequate for the amateur photographer and has served me well.  I’ve long been thinking about jumping to CS2, but on the average foamer budget that isn’t necessarily possible.  According to what I’ve read, Lightroom is supposed to be priced somewhere between Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  So, if the price is right and the features are focused to photographers this could be the right thing for advancing the state of the art in my room.

If you are serious about your digital railfan photography and digital processing, go check out the 20 minute overview video on the Lightroom site and see what you think.

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