It’s a Numbers Game

Well, for the first time since GorgeRail, I have my locomotive database up to date with the sightings I’ve recorded out in the field. I have now seen 6,209 unique locomotives out of a total of 11,556 sightings recorded.

To date, the only locomotive/road complete series I’ve seen is all of the Amtrak F59PHI units. I’m down to three remaining BNSF GP60Bs.

Attempting Amtrak

Sunday I (along with Jennifer and Brookly) are heading halfway to Seattle to visit some friends.

I had the brilliant idea tonight… what about Amtrak? Looks like business must be good, as round trip coach tickets for 2 will come to a total of $92. No thanks… I’ll spend far less than that in gas, even in my wife’s gas-hog SUV.

But wait! I have a zillion Amtrak Guest Rewards points… checking the site… Cascades coach tickets are 1,000 points… sweet… checking further… must reserve at least 2 weeks in advance and I can’t buy a seat for Jennifer using my points. Crap.

Oh well, so much for the train.

A Railfan Wife’s Take on Amtrak’s Future

So I was going through some patches and made a comment to Jennifer (my wife) about how BC Rail didn’t exist anymore (at least not as BC Rail).

She asked: “Do you have any Amtrak patches?”
I replied “Yes… two of them… one regular and one K9”
She commented: “Amtrak might go away too”

Just thought it was interesting, given that Amtrak’s future is one topic I know we’ve never really discussed seriously, so that was probably her thoughts just from what she’d seen and heard in the mainstream media.

Railfan Photographer Links

I put a few links over there on the sidebar to some other railfan photographers whose work I like. If you’re interested in a link there, drop me an e-mail or leave me a comment here with the URL to your site. If I like what I see, I’ll add you. I’d appreciate a link back to as well.

And Now, the Beginning

This journal sprung out of a desire of keeping a “railfan diary” of some sort, to contain various trip reports, photos, and other ramblings of a railfan based out of Vancouver, Washington. This site will probably be updated daily; some days more often, some days less often.

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