Under The Rust

As railfans we appreciate historic preservation. Without it much of our beloved railroad equipment wouldn’t be around for us to see again. When Julien contacted me last week about sharing his latest production I agreed.  Historic preservation is so important to all of us I wanted to make sure Charlie’s story was shared around. Here’s a bit about what you will see.

As Charlie Sedgley puts it, “the steam locomotive is the closest thing mankind has come to inventing a human being.” In the shadows of Cleveland’s once prosperous steel mills, Charlie and members of the Midwest Railway Preservation Society work persistently to bring historical steam engines and railcars back to life.

This short documentary marks the first installment of a series we would like to produce focusing on the Rust Belt cities. For more information, please visit our site at: rustic.la/rust

Take a look and enjoy Charlie’s story and passion for preservation.

Steaming in Sellwood

We are so spoiled in Portland.  We are the home of 3 fabulous steam locomotives including arguably one of the most beautiful ever built, Southern Pacific 4449 (“The Daylight“).  This year the ’49 is the sole locomotive being used to operate the Holiday Express.  The annual Holiday Express is great for families, railfans, or those that just want to go for a train ride as it is a simple, relaxing 45 minute train ride through Oaks Bottom.

My daughter Haley is a big Daylight fan so I make a point to get her out so see the 4449 anytime it’s on the road.  This year we headed to Sellwood to see the Sunday 10am Holiday Express departure.  Instead of hanging out at the station at Oaks Park we stayed south where the train stops and reverses direction to head north.  I captured a few photos there while Haley enjoyed the atmosphere of a large steam engine passing.  Following the train we walked north on the Springwater Trail eventually meeting up with the train at the Oaks Bottom under pass.   Returning south we eventually had one more opportunity to see and enjoy the train as it made its 11am run.

We ride next Sunday at 2pm which I’m sure will thrill Haley to no end.  More importantly the ticket purchase will help with ORHF’s annual fundraiser and will help with the effort to build a permanent facility to house the 3 steam locomotives.  I encourage anyone who can to buy a ticket and go for a ride if nothing else to make a contribution.  Hopefully all of our contributions will incrementally get ORHF closer to their financial goals.

As a final note, I’d like to say thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, and contributors that make this happen every year.  YOU make us spoiled in Portland!

GorgeRail is back!

For those of you that may have missed the announcement at Autumn Leaf or on rrf.com, the big news is GorgeRail is back!  Check out the GorgeRail website for all of the latest information on programs and registration.   See you in the Gorge in May….

You Are A Conductor

My recent family vacation led me nowhere near an active railroad, so instead I’ll throw something up that I found online. It’s an interesting video montage of the life of a conductor, set to, appropriately, a song titled “You Are A Conductor” by The Constantines. From the early-morning on-duty call to a bunch of cab ride footage, you’ll enjoy this:

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Check out FL9 – Another Great Railroad Blog

I haven’t posted any good railroad links around here lately, but I definitely want to share one with you.  I recently discovered FL9, a blog and photo site from Texas which features some great photos along with good writing.  Check it out!

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