Steam in '93

UP 3985 passes under I-84 east of Meacham, Oregon on June 13, 1993

Most of you that have been around me for a while know I’m pretty organized.  My vehicle is always clean with no trash on the floor, my gear is always in order, and I can always find my timetables.   If you were to ask me about any of my 20K + images I could find them in an instant thanks to good keywords and organization in Lightroom.

If this was your impression of me you were mostly right.

Last weekend while cleaning one our closets I found the box that I kept my old slide trays in.  It was time to be rid of the trays, projector, and screen as neither had been used since September 1994.  How do I know that date so precisely?  Well, inside one of the trays was a 57 Kodalux developed slides with SEP 94 stamped on them.

From what I can recall I loaded the slides in trays to show right after I got them back from developing.  Just like anyone else I wanted to see how I’d done (ahem, 2 weeks later, I really like digital).  For whatever reason I never took the next step and unloaded them from the tray and put them in the archival sleeves that the rest of my slide collection is in.  It also seems I never made any notes on them in my notebook either at capture time or later on when I reviewed them.

What a mess!  At least what a mess for me.

Did I miss these slides?  Well, apparently not.  When I found them, I did recall taking them and many of the details about them (save for some of the dates, thanks Mom & Dad!).  I think in my mind I’d written them off because I recall a roll of film being accidentally ruined around 2000.  I never expected to come across them.  I’m happy I did.

After scanning, adding to Lightroom, and key wording I tucked the stray slides into the archival sleeves for safe keeping.  Now that everything is in order again you can go back to thinking I’m really organized.