A Different POV

Its good to railfan with others because you usually get another point of view…if you listen.  Take this photograph of the M-SPOEVE descending from Quincy towards Trinidad.  I’ve passed this point at least one other time but until someone said “hey this is a neat spot, check out the curves” I didn’t notice them.  Once I did I was convinced this location was alright.  Now if only I had an 8,000 ft. stack train!  I find it funny that if you would have asked me what was between the crater and WSS Quincy I would have said “oh just a long straight with a slight curve”.  Live and learn!


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Winter’s Still Here!

How can I be so positive in my assessment?  Here’s how…

1.  Its very foggy. Amtrak Cascades train 500 of the 27th departs Vancouver shrouded in heavy fog.  With the recent power issues the Cascades are having it probably a good thing a Dash-8 is supplying the power today.

Amtrak Cascades train 500 in the fog

2.  Rail cars exiting the Gorge are covered in snow.  Thanks to a good dose of snow between Skamania and Bingen even trains that park at Eighth Street for a few hours, like this grain train, are still covered in the white stuff.

Packed Snow

3.  Trains have snow on the nose.  It looks like this M-SPOLVJ enjoyed the brunt of the storm as it passed between Bingen and Skamania.

M-SPOLVJ is plastered

Winter’s still here!

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Happy and Prosperous 2008

At just before midnight eastern time, I just wanted to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2008.   May you achieve all your personal goals and may you find the door to opportunity open everywhere you look!

Door to Opportunity

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