New Mexico Adventure

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series 2012 New Mexico Adventure

For the last week I’ve been on a railfan vacation in New Mexico and Arizona. I landed in Albuquerque and drove west with my friends to visit places along the Transcon, visit the Apache Railway, visit the Copper Basin Railway, visit the Escalante & Western, and somewhat unintentionally visit the Arizona and Eastern. Here’s some of the vital statistics from the trip:

  • 453 DSLR photos
  • 32 iPhone photos
  • 1801 miles driven
  • A few scratches on the skin
  • 24.2 MPG in a 2013 Escape
  • 2 liability releases
  • 2200 flight miles
  • a few new friends

These stats don’t necessarily convey the complete experience we had on this trip so over time I will share some of my images along with my thoughts about what I saw.

On the first day we made a quick trip into Belen then proceeded west to Dalies and on to Rio Puerco where we captured an eastbound stack train just as the sun began to set.  Despite the appearance, this train is descending a long grade from the continental divide nearly 100 miles to the west near Gonzales, NM.  The location is 2178 feet less than the 7227 foot crest.  The elevations in this part of New Mexico and Arizona are amazing!