RAW vs. .jpg

Many new digital photographers ask the question “Should I use my camera’s RAW output or .jpg?”. As we move further into the digital era this question gets asked less and less, but there are still those that ask. For those that ask me, I always recommend RAW. Why? It provides complete information from the capture which image processing software can use to finish an image.

Do you still need some evidence? If so jump over to Luminous Landscape and take a look at the tutorial Michael Reichmann posted on the topic. The difference between the two is pretty significant.

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DINA On Location: Salem, OR

For Railroads Illustrated’s Day In North America I chose to railfan UP’s Brooklyn Sub. I’m reasonably familiar with the line north of Albany but I’d never spent any time between Albany and Eugene so part of my adventure was to learn the area. Wouldn’t you know it the day was wet and rainy, but what the heck it was October in the Northwest so out came the engineered plastic camera shields (I believe mine are Safeway brand…as in I’ll take plastic). The rain did let up a bit so I could get some photos without being soaked.

After a full day of shooting I had some night photos in mind and Salem was the perfect spot for them. Standing on the platform I was serenaded by the usual railfan radio enhanced by the live band across the street at The Ram. Ahh, Saturday night in a college town!

On October 20, 2007 Salem’s beautiful brick depot observes the passage of yet another freight as UP’s Q-PDWC rolls past at track speed.

Salem Nights

Salem Nights

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