Endangered Species

More of the Southern Pacific is about to disappear.  Almost 15 years after the merger with Union Pacific I suppose that should be expected.  Right now Union Pacific is in the midst of a project to upgrade the signal system on the Brooklyn sub which will doom the classic searchlight signals so prevalent there now.  I’m sure if you ask UP management they will say this project is long overdue as many of their competitors replaced their searchlights long ago.  But as is typical with many of the former SP lines there were other upgrades required to get the railroad reliable before signal improvements.

As with many railfans I’m into nostalgia so of course I’ll be sad to see these sentinels leave.  These signals have a classic look with the ladder angled away from the signal at the base.  They just scream SP.  Appearance wise these signals will be sorely missed.  Of course I do realize the advantage of the tri-color replacements and how they, in the long run, will save the UP operational dollars and keep the railroad safe.  As a business person those facts can’t be ignored.  Efficiency and safety though have created an endangered species.

Dusk at Indio

With Union Pacific’s Sunset Route double tracking project temporarily set aside by the economy many relics of the SP era still stand in the desert sun.  While the project is partially complete some things are new, like these signals near Thermal, while other things still scream SP.   It is only a matter of time though until the project resumes and the sun sets for good on all things SP in the Imperial Valley.  For now though dusk has arrived at Indio California.