Saturday in the Gorge II

Back to my mid-April visit to the Gorge.  As I mentioned in my previous post I was up early so I’d be in position for sunrise at tunnel 2 east of Cooks.  I was there on time and my first train passed at 6:45, literally 2 minutes after the sun popped over the horizon and came up over the only  cloud.  Too bad it was a westbound.  Fortunately there was a train in the Cooks siding waiting to head east so I’d have perfect fodder in just a few minutes.

While waiting for the eastbound to arrive I had a nice conversation with a native who was minding his fishing rig below the hill.  He was very curious what I was up to and wanted to make sure that I wasn’t going to steal his fishing gear.  Once he saw the camera gear he realized I was another railfan and we ended up having a nice conversation about railfanning and the number of trains that pass through the gorge.  He went to his rig and retrieved a fish before he headed on his way.

At 7am the eastbound was finally out of the siding and popped out of the tunnel into the morning rays.  Well worth the effort to get up early.

Next time I’ll have a few photos from around Maryhill which include a snow capped Mt. Hood….


Middle of the Train – Sunrise Edition

The neat thing about railroad cars is they are quite reflective and low suns bounces off of them giving off wonderful ‘glint’ light.  Sunrise is of course one of the best times for glint.  Here’s the next series of photos from the middle of the train.

An eastbound empty grain train heads into the Desert at West Daggett California on a soon to be warm September morning.

A stack train crawls uphill past a manifest stopped at Pleasant Valley Oregon.

Just after sunrise another of the multitude of Z trains rolls westbound through Maine, Arizona.

Against a cold wind blowing across the Baker Valley, an eastbound stack train starts its
high speed run for Baker City with the first rays of morning shining on it.