Updates to the Blog

Waiting at the Beach Road crossing (Wintler) for westbound train.

While I haven’t posted many images recently I’ve continued to ensure dogcaught.com remains a functional website. Today I took another step to keep the site in sync with modern technology.

Since Aaron’s last theme update in 2010 web expectations have shifted. At that time of his update having a site which supports mobile was important but was usually an after thought. In fact the theme Aaron selected didn’t natively support mobile. He used a separate theme which supplied mobile content giving the mobile version a different look and feel.

Today delivering a website which accommodates any device is mandatory. Not only do blog readers judge the site on its readability on their particular device but so does Google, Bing, and other webmaster evaluation tools. While delivering for the readers is most important, having a good review from other entities is important also for things like search rankings.

My project this afternoon updated the theme on dogcaught.com. This theme is fully responsive and will look good on a computer monitor, tablet, or mobile device. Give it a try! If nothing else watch how responsive it is by simply dragging one side of your browser window. You can watch before your eyes as it adjusts to any width device!

The theme update keeps the same familiar links and side bar features. It is much more open giving the posts, images and writing more focus and I think it should serve well for some time to come.