ORHF and The Holiday Express

This year I was not motivated to fight the crowds to see the 700 arrive in Vancouver or ride behind the Daylight at the Holiday Express. Why, I can’t say, maybe I’m steamed out? I did want to make sure my youngest daughter was able to get her Daylight fix so I got over my lack of motivation and headed for Oaks Park. On the way we ran into the 700 simmering away at East Portland and stopped to enjoy it. We moved on to Oaks arriving around 9:20. We spent some time wandering around the Daylight taking in the sights, sounds, and smells as the volunteers readied for the 10:00 departure.

On our way out I spent some time wandering through the concessions tent and eventually settled on some items that I just had to have. While my purchase of these items isn’t individually going to build a home for the steam engines it certainly was another incremental contribution to the larger cause. Based on what I saw of ridership and the people milling around the tent lots of incremental contributions were being made!

I’m very happy to see these Christmas runs continue. It seems they have generated interest in the community and I feel it is this community interest and support that will ensure a future home for the steam we all enjoy. Despite my ambivalence this year it seems the rest of the community is on board and supporting the ORHF’s cause. Do you?

Always Telling the Story

“Excuse me, what does it burn?”. Just like he has many times before Doyle McCormack carefully explains not only what the Daylight burns but the history and operation of steam locomotives. As president of the ORHF Doyle is always working to raise awareness of the ORHF’s mission.

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3 thoughts on “ORHF and The Holiday Express”

  1. Man, this shot rocks. Why? Because on my screen it looks like I’m standing there. There is a depth and realism to the shot I have to figure out. Engaging the viewer in the scene is a big plus too. I feel like I’m standing one layer back and taking the picture myself. This is where all that tech stuff comes together. I wouldn’t change a thing except to get model releases.

    I can’t believe an A-D wouldn’t buy this. Put this nugget in your portfolio at the least. Even microstock, but at least put a © on it.

  2. Some people actually thought 4449 was a fake locomotive that ran on propane just because it had a clean exhaust. The fireman might take that as a compliment, but we had to remind people that it actually burned automotive waste oil. Watching 4449 run with pure white exhaust doesn’t seem like it does it? 🙂

  3. yes while 4449 does use Bunker C i have seen the stack blacken on occasion still adds to mystique and shows the skill of the crew

    SP whistles for SP steam !!


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